Brutal hitting!

Brutal hitting!

What a deadly massacre that was from Chris Gayle!  That was some breathtaking hitting.  This format is tailor-made for his sorts.  Can you blame the guy if he doesn’t sound overly concerned when he professes about the demise of Test Cricket?  Not when he hits like this, against a decent attack from a once-potent Lee and a top-notch Johnson.  Here’s a Cricinfo description of the rampage of over #5 from poor Brett Lee..

4.1 Lee to Gayle, SIX, One mighty wallop! He cleared the front hit and thwacked it high and over midwicket. Into the school beyond the boundary. What a whack that was.
4.2 Lee to Gayle, no run, yorker around the off stump, dug out to the off side
4.3 Lee to Gayle, SIX, Oh boy what a violent six this was .. Immense fun … It was the slower one but he picked it up early, waited for it, cleared the front foot and killed it over long-on. Hope the school kids are not wandering around the stadium. It crashed into the roof .. what a big big hit ….
4.4 Lee to Gayle, no run, he moves towards off, comes back into position to dig out a yorker to the off side
4.5 Lee to Gayle, (no ball) FOUR, Violence refuses to abate at The Oval. Gayle is wreaking havoc. Lee, from round the stumps this time, serves one full delivery outside off and Gayle crashes it over covers in his inimitable style. What’s more, it’s a free hit too
4.5 Lee to Gayle, FOUR, That has almost decapitated Fletcher. It was full and outside off, Gayle murdered it past the startled Fletcher who dived to the ground. Blink. The ball is picked up from the long-off boundary. Lee is bleeding here. What can he do to stop this man?
4.6 Lee to Gayle, SIX, As it turns out, he can do nothing but watch Gayle dismiss him everywhere around the ground. It was a short delivery, Gayle opened up his stance, kept his front foot outside leg and smashed it high into the midwicket stands.The white ball is flying all over.
End of over 5 (27 runs) West Indies 71/0 (99 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 14.20, RRR: 6.60)

Game over!

And Ponting’s misery is still my greatest pleasure!

Here’s a sampling if you missed it..