..law to ban to be passed in several states

..law to ban this to be passed in several states

So, there it is, yet another law to be passed soon in several states in the U.S.  Texting while driving will soon be banned in 14 more states starting as soon as July 1.

Virginia is now one of 14 states to pass a ban on text messaging, or the sending of shorthand messages typed out and transmitted. 
Text messaging is a growing trend. According to a survey conducted by the CTIA, the International Association for Wireless Telecommunications, more than one trillion text messages were transmitted on carriers’ networks in 2008, breaking down to more than 3.5 billion messages per day. By comparison, in 2007, only 363 billion text messages were transmitted. And, texting while driving leads to driver distractions which lead to big accidents.
According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) Virginia Highway Safety Office, last year 28,395 crashes occurred in the state involving driver distractions, like texting. Of those, 114 people died and 14,480 were injured.

While they are at it, they should also gather some statistics to determine the times the drivers take their eyes off the road to change the radio dial, the times they eat, the times they  take a sip of water or soda,  the times they shush their kids to remain quiet, the times they talk to their companions, the times they don’t have both their hands on the wheel, the times they take a peek at the GPS or a map, the times they stare at their beautiful selves in the mirrors – all while driving, and pass laws to ban these distractions too.  After all, there is no place for driver education or just plain common sense when it comes to the safety of the citizens.

On the subject of gathering statistics, here’s a piece of nugget that I am sure comes as a revelation.

Yes folks, texting while driving is actually more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.  If that comes as a stunner to you, Car and Driver is here to educate you why.  You can read all the gory details of that study.  Great!   I wonder what the stats will tell us about the comparitive distraction of driving under the influence vs diriving with shouting kids you are trying to appease, or, eating while driving vs driving over the speed limits, or, sipping fluids while driving. vs. changing the radio dial.. you see the possibilities are endless when you have idiotic drivers on the road.  As usual, lets pass new laws to ban these activities and not address the root cause.