Wandering down the street late in the night
searching through the rummage of his worthless plight
in a gentle drizzle sinking through the mist
into the shadow of his life in its midst

The roads are hollow and the crowds are slim
the town is asleep and the lights are dim
he searches for his soul buried in darkness
lost in a world conditioned for thoughtless

The family so near yet he’s so far away
his friends so dear yet he’s gone so astray
a solitary self in a life imagined for him
slipping deeper into the void of its vacuum

Day after day minute after minute
keeping himself busy in an unsatisfied pursuit
in fear of existence of withdrawn loneliness
stuck in a molasses of constant restlessness

A hope that is bleak of a rescue from within
summoning those powers to breakout of the present
fearful and helpless of life passing by
fighting to live but only waiting to die