Stepping into the sunlight after a lengthy rain
out from the infirmary into the world again
gentle warmth of the light beating down on the skin
nourishing the pale body awakening the spirit within

Glistening road in front showing the ride ahead
fresh breeze around inviting a walk instead
stopping by a park to soak the daylight in
with these rare fortunes few and far in between

Of those days in dark with thoughts of salvation of soul
marching down the path of predestination towards that goal
triggered by an inquest of cause and effect and happenstance
an ailing life form  taken for inevitable fate and acceptance

Sitting under an aging tree on a lonely seat
a solitary leaf floating and falling by the tiring feet
any subconscious need to question for reason and rational
obviated by a meaningful obliviousness to it all

On such moments of clarity on simplicity of life and existence
trials and tribulations of self have no pertinence or relevance
blessed are few who could bottle the splendor of their transience
however long their presence they live under a Divine Providence