..a perfectionist with a passion and vision for film making.

..a perfectionist with a passion and vision for film making.

The accolades for Guru Dutt are far and many, so there is nothing I can add that hasn’t already been mentioned.

If you follow the history of Indian movies, especially hindi movies, it is hard not to notice how Guru Dutt’s work stands apart.  The angles of his shots, the cinematography, the closeups, the attention to detail, the precise camera movements, music that fits, songs that mean something and a storyline that is beyond the tedious banality of the shallow love stories and cartoonish villains that are all too prevalent in Indian movies even today, he was an idealist with a passion for film making and an interest in setting a high standard for it.

His life was enigmatic, short and sad, and his death controversial and an undoubted loss to Indian cinema.

Thanks to eratini84‘s posts, I compiled this youtube playlist of  this wonderful documentary on the life and work of Guru Dutt, titled In Search of Guru Dutt. You can also find this as an extra feature on the Kagaz Ke Phool DVD.