The homeward trip of a midnight ride
gleeful and merry with my mates by my side
playing the fool was always so cool
taking a break from the rules of the school

A hearty brunch and a forbidden show
and an expensive dinner in a festive flow
catching the train on that getaway day
as the night arrives to take us all away

My scholarly friend in a heated debate
on matters of religion and God and fate
with a random traveler taking the bait
discussions with fervor refusing to abate

My worldly friend flirting with the lasses
pretty girls ignoring him and the masses
undaunted by rejections and secure in his pride
immersing himself in a game of cards on the side

Charging through the night with the world flying by
livening the spirits of my pals to a high
through the stops of the train and its midnight runs
in sleepy little towns behind sparsely lighted stations

Aroma from the skillets with greasy omelettes fried
with mirchies and chats and hot dosas on the side
and unrelenting vendors selling coffees and teas
luring us out from the cabin into the night breeze

Even the most reserved were up for the banter
blending into the compartment din with laughter
extending the party all night long
on those homeward rails nothing went wrong

Though my friends are now scattered far and wide
on some lonely journeys they are still by my side
through the sketches from the album of my memory slides
of those homeward trips and those midnight rides