Note: Read the follow up to this post here when this idea was nixed and replaced with an inspirational concept of a Tanning Tax instead.

Here I was genuinely interested in the US health care reform and wondering whether Obama truly has the commitment to see it through and do what is right.  After reading this piece of nugget, I am convinced that he and the democrats have no clue about what truly matters. We can debate the potential bureaucratic cost with a government run system. We can even debate the cost of health care for the old and dying and the impact of these potential reforms on the choices that will be available to them, but to think these bill makers have the gal to propose a plan to scrape out a few bucks by exploiting the needs of those that desperately need a boob job or a botox injection to survive!

Botox - this bill is an oppression against a medical marvel

They call it the “Botax.”  The White House and Senate Democrats have turned to a proposal to tax breast implants, tummy tucks, wrinkle-smoothing injections and other procedures as they search for ways to pay for costly health care overhaul plans.

How insensitive of them to go after some cheap returns by ruthlessly targeting vanity and insidiously burying a 5 percent tariff in their plan on elective cosmetic surgery deemed medically unnecessary? Don’t they watch any TV? How about the movies? Don’t they realize how important it is to America and for that matter the rest of the world – for those that are on the TV and those that watch it, to continue to support these nip/tuck jobs.

Boob job - an invention only second to antiseptic in its significance..

Thankfully, the Botox makers and the plastic surgeons are there for the rescue as they come together to protect against this tyranny and uphold the God-given right of every woman’s need for firmer, rounder and larger breasts and every aging Hollywood star’s need for tighter and wrinkle-free skin through Botox injections.

Skin-smoothing Botox injections could be hard-hit. There were some 4.7 million last year and an average cost per visit of about $400, some including several injections.

“It is a random hit on an easy target that is only punitive and not corrective,” said Caroline Van Hove, a spokeswoman for Allergan Inc., the maker of Botox Cosmetic. “The bottom line is that taxing cosmetic procedures is unnecessarily punitive on people who have merely decided to enhance their appearance.”

Take that Obama.. try as you might to hurt these downtrodden, the hard working American spirit will rise up to earn their rightful piece of silicon.

The plan, projected to raise $6 billion, wouldn’t apply to surgery to fix a deformity or injury, but would include procedures such as face lifts, liposuction, cosmetic implants or teeth-whitening.

The plastic surgeons may have seemed like an appealing bunch to pick on given that they had already been skeptical of the Democrats’ overhaul proposal. But they say it will be a blow to countless American women — of every income level.
“The common misconception is that this is going to tax wealthy, suburban Republican women,” said Dr. Phil Haeck of Seattle, Wash., the president-elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In fact, he said, of the 86 percent of cosmetic surgery patients who are female, 60 percent of them have incomes between $30,000 and $90,000.”

In addition, he said the tax would be especially hurtful in tough economic times that have prompted many newly jobless women to look for ways to make themselves more marketable to prospective employers. He said, “They’re competing with people 10 to 15 years younger than them and they want to look better.”

Besides, is this the example you want to set for those aspiring cheerleaders who look up to these courageous, age-defying women to show them the way for how to make the world a younger and sexier place to live in?

“We feel it’s unfair to those people who’ve saved hard-earned moneys to have something to improve their appearance, and now may not even be able to afford it,” he said.

..and to think the democrats are the ones who call themselves the representatives of the working class..huh!

Now that it’s in the Senate legislation, plastic surgeons and the cosmetic product industry are dusting off their arguments against it. Opponents cite as a cautionary tale a similar 6 percent tax in effect in New Jersey. Haeck contends that tax has cost the state $3.39 for every $1 collected.

Whatever money would be raised, he said, would come from doctors and patients at a time they can ill-afford it, given the recession and rising unemployment.

“These women come in, they’ve lost their jobs, they don’t have the money for a facelift,” he said.

There you go!  After all, someone had to layout these facts and bring awareness to the atrocities that this bill would perpetuate.

The senate has a responsibility to not be hasty about passing this bill with this tariff in.  They should sit back, think hard, debate well and ask themselves one question – do we really want to see our aging men and women with wrinkled skin and sagging boobs and seriously damage the sex appeal of America all over the world?

I think not and the world agrees with me!