Following up on the proposed “Bo-Tax” and the subsequent flexing of the collective muscle from AMA (American Medical Association) and ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), the Senate democrats whimpered out like the pussy cats that they are and killed the Bo-tax, but with a stroke of genius replaced the erstwhile 5% Bo-tax on elective cosmetic surgery with a new 10% Tanning tax on indoor tanning services.

Death of Bo-tax means more such transformations

New 10% tanning tax means more to pay for these magical transformations

As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Amid pressure from doctors, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to remove a proposed 5% tax on elective cosmetic surgery in the health bill that was expected to raise $5 billion over a decade. In place of what was known as the Botax, he added a 10% tax on indoor tanning services.

The change is a victory for the American Medical Association, which urged lawmakers to remove the cosmetic-surgery tax after Sen. Reid included it in a draft of the bill he unveiled in November. The medical industry argued that the tax effectively discriminated against women, since they’re more likely to undergo such procedures.

The tanning tax is part of a last-minute package of amendments that are expected to be included in the final bill. It grants an exception for “phototherapy” services that are performed by licensed medical professionals.

My awesome natural born tan aside, thanks to my Indian heritage, what does old Harry have against white people? If the grounds for removing Bo-tax is truly because he bought into that bullshit argument that it is “discriminatory” against woman, how is this any less of a discrimination against those pasty Caucasians who shell out their hard earned dollar to add some color to their skin. Isn’t being born with a depigmented skin enough suffering for these poor souls? Why penalize them for aspiring to look like me?

The real reason that Bo-tax is taken out and this tanning tax is introduced is because the tax-payers associated with Bo-tax were paying the plastic surgeons who are in turn affiliated with AMA which as history shows is too powerful a group and has too powerful a lobby and has too great of an influence on Washington for the lawmakers to dare oppose. Considering that the democrats, leaders of the senate and the house, have shown the backbone of that of a giant caterpillar so far in standing up for what they believe in, this new reaction from Harry Reid is hardly a surprise. Instead, they decided to squeeze that money out of those tanning shops which are mostly small business operations that don’t necessarily have the lobbying support that the powerful AMA has. It goes on to show that regardless of what the party in power is or who the President is, it is those lobbyists that truly dictate the legislation in this country.

On the brighter side, this puts an end to any threat of  a potential shortage of such eye popping pictures as below.. hurrah!

Tara Conner - Miss USA 2006 - budding aspirations of wannabe beauty queens will not be thwarted!