A few of my favorite portraits from different artists – snapshots of characters in their walks of life the world over.  They invariably force me to wonder about the untold stories behind the faces and their places, their hats and  smokes, their trials and tribulations, their pain and pride, and their experiences and expectations.

A proud Gallong father (Arunachal, India)

Artist: Romesh Bhattacharji (http://www.flickr.com/photos/63783963@N00/)

Source: Flickr


Artist: Paul Smith (http://www.newworldimages.net)

Source: AntiDull.com

Minor Damage

Artist: Peter Van Nugtern (http://www.petervannugteren.com)

Source: AntiDull.com


Artist: Alan Roche (http://www.kaleidoshots.com)

Source: AntiDull.com

Around the world diary

Artist: Etienne Pierart (http://www.photo-etienne-pierart.com)

Source: AntiDull.com