Your powerful species have taken over the planet
invading its ground with a million running machines
spreading concrete jungles with steel and granite
leaping over mammoth oceans using flying machines

Your wheels of civilization set in incessant motion
in a ceaseless betterment and its never ending quest
for a more comfortable life and its underlying notion
are subduing natural obstacles with powers of intellect

You are hard at work all day and all night
cranking up your machines to raise your produce
you specialize your skills to focus your might
in exchange of your needs and each other’s use

Yet, your superior mind fails to provide a solution
to satisfy defiance of your death and those that you love
you turn to your belief passed down your generations
for thoughts of your creed and redemption and thereof

Your survival predicated on your intellectual foundations
fails to fulfill your desire for a significance
your life dictated by your social institutions
searches for a meaning not evdient in your existence