A brief moment on the elevator….
a fleeting glimpse of her,
a picture of serenity, an image of vitality,
a gentle breeze, a gust of fresh air
….into that stale, stilted stall

A brief conversation by accident….
a chat with her friends,
a radiant smile, a modest laugh,
a mystical allure, a magical spell
….casted on a muted, meandering man

A chance meeting at a gathering….
a long chat of interests,
a kind look, a lively temperament,
a bright intellect, a heart filled with empathy
….awakening a desire to be better

A budding friendship together….
a bright ray of light,
a trusted adviser, an ingenuous confidant,
a plain image, an extravagant beauty
….a self-concealed knowledge his own secret pride

A sinister fate mocking at his fortune….
a difference of opinion,
a silly tiff, a mindless rift,
a stupid pride, a devastating farewell
….plunging his life into a dark, dead, vacuum

A sweeping sense of loss….
a heart shattered to pieces,
a memory writhe in pain, a soul lost its purpose,
a decade passed, a decade lost
….dwelling in life waiting for its demise

A sudden twist of fate….
a phone ringing on a lifeline,
a familiar voice, a skipped heartbeat,
a short visit, a silent tryst
….leaving him with an anticipation of a lifetime