FYC-The Raw and the Cooked

All the fine young cannibals

When I first heard about “Fine Young Cannibals” in early 90s, I didn’t take them seriously.. a fine young what..?

I understand the need to come up with a name that stands out, after all this is a music band we are talking about, but still, Fine Young Cannibals appeared too forced and disjointed.  What next? Bold Old Bastards?  I had no idea they had picked up that name from a little known 1960 movie called “All the Fine Young Cannibals“, an average romantic drama.  Nevertheless, they thought it was a cool name, and over the years, after thoroughly enjoying their music, especially the album “The Raw and The Cooked“, which withstood the test of time with flying colors in my mind, I’ve come around to accepting that Fine Young Cannibals is indeed a cool name, because damn it, they are a cool band!
Their most popular single remains “She drives me crazy“, an up-beat score with a distinctly buoyant rhythm supported by an instantly unique, appealing, and an equally soothing and gritty voice of their lead singer Roland Gift.  Everything about their music was different, including the video for this song.  Even with repeated over-exposure through the 90s, it never got on my nerves, which is saying a lot.
My favorite though is their “Good Thing” – another single from the same album.  Just a hint of retro soul, sufficiently brassy arrangements, a touch of southern rock, and a good dose of 80s beat with that unique Roland Gift voice again and you have a very underrated 80s classic. In fact, Fine Young Cannibals as a band are perhaps one of the most underrated 80s bands.  They haven’t split up officially, but they haven’t produced many albums.  They might not have been prolific, whether it is an indication of their range or their varied individual interests, but I am glad they didn’t trade quantity for quality in an attempt to just cash in on their initial success.
Here’s their Good Thing – riding the crest of that euro wave of  scooter revolution….