Forest Night

Lost in the treks of the forest’s wonder
delayed by a torrent of rains and thunder
treading through dusk into an autumn night
I arrived at a glade with no one in sight

As shrieking winds finally bade good bye
roaring clouds gave way to a sparkling sky
I anchored my tent over the frosty field
waiting for an emerging moon soon to be revealed

The passing storm left the night quite still
and I lighted a fire to dispel the chill
gathering the twigs of the autumn branchlet
with moonlight descending like a gentle blanket

The woods in the fire cracked into light
as a distant owl hooted into the night
the crickets in the dark chirping to compete
with creatures of the night joining the treat

An anxious hare jumped over a shrub
not interested in joining the club
while a lazy lizard just rolled his eyes
as I lied on the ground staring into the skies

Forced by the heavens to lose my way
trees and the stars companions to allay
the worries of my world into a distant past
showing my place in the universe so vast