Riding on the clouds high above the ground
reaching for the sky with shiny stars abound
seeing through the night like it was day
unfettered by an imagination running away

Jumping over the buildings with arrant ease
drifting above the grass like a gentle breeze
landing softly on the side of a cliff to see..
a ten headed monster emerging from the sea

Nimble as a cat and light as a bird
strong as a rock abilities quite unheard
flying through the wind as I was..
an invisible superhero without a cause

Defying gravity and laws of science at will
suspended in air even as I stood still
admiring the flight over the forest bloom
for I have superhero powers minus a costume

Basking in the glory of an adventure full of joy
interrupted by familiar voice persisting to annoy
awakened by mom trying to get me ready
alas.. it was time to go to school already

Smothered with age and knowledge and pretense
those supernatural powers of lost innocence
buried under the tumult of a chase for ambitions
those unbridled dreams with fantasies and visions