Golden Gate Bridge - an indelible San Francisco landmark (Click to enlarge)

I was in San Francisco this week for the Oracle World – Java One conference.  I watched Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, one of the richest men on the planet and an unabashed megalomaniac set the tone for what this year’s edition of this conference was going to be like.. essentially a grand avenue for a CEO trash-talk.  After watching him bash his detractors with the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, and unveil product after gradiose product promising performances unheard of by cobbling together the shiny toys he acquired the past few years as he grew his impressive empire, I started longing for Sun’s Java One days when the sales pitch was always muted by the idealistic geekdom for safeguarding and enhancing the goodness of Java.  Sun was never great at marketing what they had and that perhaps explains their demise as they fell into the hands of Mr. Ellison’s empire, but they will forever be remembered for Java and what it means to the IT industry.  After attending a few sessions on Monday, it was obvious my time was better spent enjoying the gorgeous weather and always beautiful city by the bay.  Here are a few pics from my trip in and around San Francisco..

San Francisco Skyline ..from the hotel room (Click to enlarge)

An evening view from atop (Click to enlarge)

Downtown San Francisco (Click to enlarge)

Johns Grill - One of the oldest establishments in the city (Click to enlarge)

Tourists near the zig zag Lombard Street.. the crooked-est street in the city (Click to enlarge)

San Francisco streets under the California sun (Click to enlarge)

Up and down streets of San Francisco (Click to enlarge)

Alcatraz.. from atop Golden Gate (Click to enlarge)

The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge (Click to enlarge)