Najot Singh Sidhu - man of many talents.

I have no shame in admitting that I frittered away all my year-end vacation glued to the TV watching the two Cricket Test Series that finished recently – England vs Australia and India vs S. Africa. Australia is in somewhat of a sorry state currently, and England just unleashed years of frustration on their ozzie brethren on their way to a dominating 3-1 series win. While I wish India and S. Africa played a 5 match series themselves instead of just 3, it was some of the most enthralling Cricket I ever watched. There were sessions of play when I wouldn’t dare get away for a single ball. At the risk of sounding like yet another Cricket snob, it is difficult for me to imagine how anyone who grew up watching and playing Cricket could embrace T20, but I whined about the absurd popularity of T20 before and don’t want to repeat myself.

Well, IPL is back again with their 2011 auction.. and the only redeeming aspect of this tamasha for me is the return of my hero Navjot Singh Sidhu. It gives me an opportunity to revive my ongoing series with this title capturing nuggets of wisdom from my favorite sardar.

What did I learn from Sidhu on money?
Money is like manure, it is no good until it is spread.

What did I learn from Sidhu on imagination?
Imagination resembles the wings of an ostrich, enables them to run, not to soar.

You think you can get such off-hand profundity quoting a Thomas Babington Macaulay from your Michael Athertons, David Gowers and Richie Benauds of the world? Think again.