Offspring - Come Out and Play

They say grunge is dead. It might be hard to argue against that proclamation listening to the music created now, but it still hogs a lot of my attention with Lithium being one of the most used XM radio presets in my car. Like any art form, pigeon-holing music into somebody’s perception of genres has never interested me. What matters at the end is if the artwork appeals to you. Sometimes the music grows on you, and sometimes it grabs you unaware and makes you sit up and notice. The 90s grunge explosion from the Seattle basements made an instant impression on me. Nirvana’s Nevermind remains one the top 5 albums of all time in my book and Kurt Cobain’s death such a crying shame.  I also liked Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and even the instantly-depression-inducing  Gin Blossoms. Most of them got their due recognition, some flamed out quickly, some ran out of material and ran out their course, but the one band I always thought was somewhat under-rated is The Offspring. Just like the way 70s punk rock, one of the widely acknowledged roots of Grunge evolution, flourished just beneath the mainstream music, Offspring’s punk pop blend with 90s grunge  flew somewhat under the radar.

For my money, “Come Out and Play“, from their album “Smash“, released in 1994, is their best song to this day and the middle-eastern sounding tabs that follow the well placed pauses in between are as addictive as those “Gotta Keep ’em Separated” interspersions within the song. While I don’t care much for the video which doesn’t do enough justice to the quality of music IMO, the song remains one of my favorites.

Here’s the acoustic version from the lead vocalist and guitarist, Dexter Holland, along with the You-Gotta-Keep-Em-Separated-rhyth-guitar-guy, Noodles.