Angst - lithograph by Edvard Munch (1896)

An afflicted romantic in love
is perishing in a poison pit,
in a dereliction of self,
with a destruction of spirit.

Feigning eyes of a pretender
luring the heart to survive,
swimming in shallow waters,
longing for a hope to revive.

A dreamer stuck in a fantasy
in a blazing glow of silverlight,
is buried in a beguiling fancy,
of a fickle flight in blind night.

Waiting for a sign to arrive
from the void of nugatory eyes,
glossed in the color of pretense,
with images of idyllic paradise.

An idealist is defying a compromise
of settlement to aggrieved inurement
as turpitude of character on heart
that beats only to perfect sentiment.

From the depths of the worldly ordeal,
is kindled a hope of perfect journey,
clinging on to delusions of mirage,
trudging through the sands of ruin.

A castaway spirit searching for its soul
is looking for a current to ride,
wading in the water of life,
to reach its land on a shore tide.

In a graveyard of emotional angst,
in that land of utopian guise,
is where that cherished soul lies,
it is where that cherished soul dies.