photograph from: Mathew Tauzer

I am a residual fleck in an ash cloud,
over the crater of a simmering volcano,
dancing in the smoke of gushing plumes,
breaking free from the molten glow.

I am a skipping stone over a still pond,
propelled by the flick of an aimless hand,
happy to skim over shallow waters,
spinning to get to the surface land.

I am a soaring hawk high above the peaks,
gliding from dawn to dusk and into the night,
swooping into snatch an unwary prey,
just to stay alive for a listless flight.

I am a lone wolf out of a raging pack,
wandering the wild in reclusive release,
away from the crowd in search of self,
in a discording journey longing for peace.

I am a gentle droplet of a descending torrent,
pouring down the skies in a turbid haze,
soaking the soil and joining the deluge,
of streams and rivers merging with the seas.

I am a solitary leaf on a withy branchlet,
born out of a stem revived by spring,
brought back from dead in time of light,
with a song of hope and a shine of green.

I am a shuffling amoeba beneath the decay,
just a pocket of energy of forms diverse.
I am a passenger along in a fleeting ride,
just a random speck of matter in universe.