Beck Hansen had immediate success with his debut, Mellow Gold, when he sang his way into the hearts of the 90s slackers and college loafers all over, with his folksy hip-hop hit “I am loser Baby, so, why don’t you kill me?“, which still remains his biggest hit to-date. But what was more impressive was how he backed it up with Odelay, the album that revealed to the world that behind his penchant for experimental fusion of musical styles, the chords he strums seem to connect the right dots through all the genres.  It also killed any remote notion that existed at that time that he was a one hit wonder, proving once and for all that behind that anti-folk slacker drawl and beyond the deception of someone throwing everything but the kitchen sink at his music, there is a sophisticated artistry to his work.  Odelay proved that Beck was the real deal.

Devil's Haircut

Devil’s Haircut, a single from Odelay, is not only a catchy tune, but also for my taste, one of the coolest videos made, thanks to Mark Romanek, the acclaimed music video director of K D Lang’s “Constant Craving“, Michael Jackson’s “Scream” and Johnny Cash’s “Hurt“, to name a few of his many winners. The music itself is an ecclectic blend of delightfully weird lyrics(“a really simplistic metaphor for the evil of vanity” according to Beck), and a terrific mix of guitar riffs with drum beats and breaks in the midst of well placed background cacophony. You would have to try really hard not to enjoy this video.