With the occassional guest inquiry revolving around my choice of anonymity, in order to avoid making this “About” page defunct, here’s a little bit about me.. for there sure isn’t a lot..

I lay claim to being the most uninteresting man in the world.

“Most interesting man in the world” – my nemesis

I am the death of every party that I ever attended.

I once had an awkward moment when someone thought I was interesting enough to strike up a conversation.

And no, if I were to slap you in the face, you wouldn’t resist the urge to thank me for it. In fact, you would throw all caution to wind and proceed to whoop my ass, even if you happen to be a 10 year old kid.

I am the most uninteresting man in the world.
I don’t always drink H2O, but when I do, I prefer spring water.
Stay thirsty, my friends.

Say “Tweet” again!

Outside the contradiction of this blog, in keeping with the spirit of my uninterestingness and asocial behavior that I embrace so well, I have a fiendish disdain for social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to Twitter, this contempt is so severe that I second Jules Winnfield in his reaction to the ridiculous “hystweria”..

Jules hates tweets, and I don’t blame him..

Jules is trying, Ringo. He’s trying real hard to be the shepherd. But this whole Twitter-lution thing is really getting to him. All this talk of “tweeple” and “twiggits” and “tweekends” is unfamiliar to him. It makes him nervous. And when he gets nervous, he gets scared. And when he gets scared… that’s when mother ‘effers accidentally get shot.

But he’s really twying– Oh, damn, you hear that? Now you made him twalk like a jerk. There it is again! That’s the last straw!

Go ahead, say “tweet” again! He dares you. No, he double dares you — say “tweet” one more time! Because the truth is, you’re the tweak and he’s the twyranny of evil– Argh!!!











My role model



Opulence, I don’t has it!

My goal in life is to make loads of money and get stinking rich.. as rich as this Russian mogul, so I can get myself that genetically engineered giraffe. For now.. Opulence.. I don’t has it, but this guy is my role model and this commercial one of the best ever made.





When I am not wallowing in my own uninterestingness, I have a general interest in sports, movies, music, travel, arts, and poetry and this blog is an outlet for thoughts and opinions around those transgressions.

Lazy Dabbler


23 Responses to “[About]”

  1. sakhi Says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while. Your blog is a source of lot of information on poetry, arts, and music. You write powerful poetry and prose as well. Your writing style and depth of thoughts are amazing!

    Keep it going.


    1. lazydabbler Says:

      Thanks for the kind words sakhi.

  2. lalitha Says:

    What prevents you from revealing your identity , I wonder!!!

    Mere mAsum sawaal se naraaz/pareshaan math hona..

    Are you detached to your form or are you shy!!!

  3. lalitha Says:

    hello dear hermit crab, pl donot be obliged to post my comments…you can conveniently delete them..
    I tend to keep my mind clear of doubts /questions etc,hence the question about your identity…

    Enjoy your shell and solitude


    hey by the way I too have a you tube channel the user name is mssubbulakshmimusic

    How will the lazy dabbler react to my comments ???let me take a guess !!



    Why on earth are you interested in my identity you F moron …you always try to peep into my world and disturb me .

    Is identity sooooo F imp!?!

    Just F off and leave me alone

    I am totally emotion less and i donot fall for your so called masoom – ness…if you have a problem in keep anything in your F mInd you start writing a blog too giving out your identity

    NOW F OFF !!



    OK OK OK


    t doesnt really matter to you if I say sorry so i’ll not waste it on you.

    Enjoy your dabblings, hermit crab: -)))


    1. lazydabbler Says:

      hermit crab eh!!? So be it.. what’s in a name?
      what if it was Amar, Akbar, Anthony or Alexander Supertramp?
      Does it define my identity.. does it mean the same?
      Is it not what is that matters and not of its stamp?

  4. lalitha Says:



  5. jram Says:

    followed youtube to here. U definitely can move people. It definitely looks like u put lot of effort in making ur videos. They r great. Have a great life my friend.

  6. jram Says:

    Rafi saheb ka bhi ek-do ganne laga do saheb..meherbani hogi…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Its funny reading all these mails here. People are curious about you.And you want to keep them guessing…!
    But yes, it is not important,atleast not for me.But , I always refer to you as ”Sir” and I hoe I have the gender right! lol!


    1. lazydabbler Says:

      Yes you are right, but can you please get rid of that reference – uncomfortable with it :). I am not interested in keeping anyone guessing, I’d much rather have readers focus and comment on the content of my posts. They reflect my interests, views and opinions as opposed to an inconsequential name. I am neither famous nor recognizable for anyone to know of me and my name is completely irrelevant to anything I post here.

  8. namagiri Says:


    Are u K Upendran of CIEFL. Son of KS!!

    1. lazydabbler Says:

      No, I am not.

  9. HK Jain Says:


    Could you blog roll my site http://www.cricschedule.com – Cricket Schedule

    Added yours at http://www.cricschedule.com/links.php

  10. JL Says:

    I think you may be my long lost Indian twin (I presume you are Indian). I have the Opulence guy in my drone work cube (analogous to a Borg alcove) for comic relief. Great poetry (I also write poems, short stories, been working on several novels). I also do have Gonesh in my cube even though I am not a Hindu (it was a gift) and I’m an atheist (alternatively typical lapsed Catholic). Anyway, keep up the good work.

  11. JL Says:

    Oh and btw, I think people who “tweet” should be shot on sight or at minimum, get an electric shock every time they “tweet”. Same w/ Facebook, what a bunch of self-indulgent masturbation. To hell w/ all of them!

  12. Sri Says:


    My apologies in advance if this comment seems to be impertinent. I landed up on your blog from your youtube page. You have a great collection of music on youtube. I have been savoring your M S Subbalakshmi songs for a while now. Thanks for making them available and for providing English translations.

    I have a particular favor that I would like to ask you. In the following video (Natanala bramayaku Na manasa) , there is a Krishna’s painting (blue one with flute in front of him), that comes at 3:21:

    Can you please tell me about the painting. I am thinking of getting a poster of that painting if available. Thanks a lot in advance.

    And yes, you have a wonderful blog! I hope I would be able to come back and read a lot more.

    1. lazydabbler Says:

      Thanks.. and yes, that’s one of my favorites.
      The artist’s name is Debasish Podder. The painting is from his Krishna series back from 2007. Here’s his facebook page if you want to check with him:

      1. Sri Says:

        Thanks a lot!

  13. Krishna Says:

    Dear Mr. Amar/Akbar/Anthony 🙂

    I miss your youtube updates. why you kept yourself away from yuotube?

    I believe are you fine.


  14. Krishna Says:

    I hope you are fine and safe. … miss your videos in tube.


    1. lazydabbler Says:

      I am doing fine. Just awfully busy with day to day grind. Appreciate you checking.. best wishes to you too!

  15. Bhupendra sharma Says:

    hello sir,

    I am huge fan of your you-tube video’s and your images(In video), sir please upload new videos. i also want to know about you. r u available on facebook, my most favorite video is a “mere pyare watan” i want to know where u take these photos. and i am very happy you back on youtube. please stay connected and make profile on facebook for your fans

  16. kafan31 Says:

    How r you my dear friend ? I wish you all the very best and am waiting for your next video ! Hope you will find time for us !

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