Your powerful species have taken over the planet
invading its ground with a million running machines
spreading concrete jungles with steel and granite
leaping over mammoth oceans using flying machines

Your wheels of civilization set in incessant motion
in a ceaseless betterment and its never ending quest
for a more comfortable life and its underlying notion
are subduing natural obstacles with powers of intellect

You are hard at work all day and all night
cranking up your machines to raise your produce
you specialize your skills to focus your might
in exchange of your needs and each other’s use

Yet, your superior mind fails to provide a solution
to satisfy defiance of your death and those that you love
you turn to your belief passed down your generations
for thoughts of your creed and redemption and thereof

Your survival predicated on your intellectual foundations
fails to fulfill your desire for a significance
your life dictated by your social institutions
searches for a meaning not evdient in your existence

in ominous touch!

in ominous touch!

South Africa crushed Scotland scoring over 200 enroute to a 130-run defeat of the minnows Scotland.  AB de Villiers is an omnious form continuing from where he left off in the IPL blasting an unbeaten 79 of just 34 balls with 6 sixes!  Poor Scotland were bundled out for 81.  South Africa has to be the favorites in the tournament.  All their players are in great touch.  They played very well in IPL and AB was the pick of them all.  He seems to have this T20 thing  figured out and his consistency in making big scores with a tremendous strike rate has been amazing.  They have great balance with another explosive player in Gibbs, a stable influence in Smith and Kallis, aversatile force in Duminy and lower order hitting from Morkel if needed.  They also have a good spinner in Botha to compliment Steyn and the quicks and have no holes on paper.  They are an ominous bunch, this group, especially after shedding the chokers tag recently.

Up next, England vs Pakistan, should be a good one.  After the English capitulation against the Netherlands, this is a must win for them and since the Dutch have a win already, Pak wouldn’t want to dig themselves a hole going 1 down off the blocks.